TDK 25Gb 4x Blu-Ray BD-R DVD Disc (10 Pack)


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Eclipse Sku: MDT-BR254B10D
Brand : TDK
Model: TDKBP-BD-R25GB-10PK
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These discs, branded as "TDK Life on Record" are capable of storing 25GB of data or 135 mins of HD video.

  • 25GB capacity
  • 4x recording speed
  • 10 pack, supplied on a spindle
  • Supplied in standard Jewel cases

    TDK Blu-ray discs, featuring DURABIS2 technology, make recording HD video and backing up large data directories possible. Each single layer 25GB disc provides 5x the storage of a conventional DVD allowing for 2 hours of HD quality video while supporting a throughput of 72Mbps.

    The exclusive DURABIS hard coating formulation protects the media surface against scratches and other contaminants while the advanced spin coat manufacturing process and ultra-precise recording materials create an extremely smooth and precise cover layer allowing for 10, 000 re-writes without loss of quality.

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