LG IPS235V 23 Inch Widescreen IPS LED Monitor,HD,DVI


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Eclipse Sku: MOL-IPS235V
Brand : LG
Model: IPS235V-BN
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The future of monitor viewing has arrived. Recently, IPS (In-Plane Switching) has been grabbing lot of attention and acclaim from today’s top players in the electronics community for its market advancing innovations. Now, the already powerful technology of IPS joins the bright and vibrant technology of LED. This historical technological merger promises to provide you with high-quality and precision viewing at the widest angles, while never compromising its superb brightness and spot-on detail.

The IPS monitor carries the merit of having the same colour reproduction from any angle. You can enjoy original images without and colour shift from and angle, unlike TN monitors which displays major colour shift dependant on the viewing angle.

LG Provides an in-box Expert-tuned Colour Calibration report which states that the monitor has been pre-tuned for accurate colour at the factory production line.

Since the IPS monitor features consistency and less changes in colour temperature, it offers colour impression that is identical to that of the original image. Therefore, you can view valuable photos stored through the digital device in real colour that is close to the original.

When viewing an image on conventional TN monitors, the colours in middle of monitor look slightly different from those on top and at the bottom. This phenomenon is known as colour shift, a shortcoming of TN monitors wherein colours look different as viewers’ perspective changes. On the other hand, the IPS monitor eliminates colour shift, maintaining consistent colour from the front, top, bottom, and just about from anywhere you stand.

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