Involution Recover PC Hardware Based Instant Recovery


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Brand : Generic
Model: RPC001-R
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From large corporate to home user, having the power to turn back the clock on any sudden software issue removes much of the hassle of technical support costs and lost productivity.

RecoverPC fixes any software issue that might suddenly occur and it doesn't care what the problem was, it just fixes it. Recovery is instant, and its protection technology does not place any speed overhead on your system.

RecoverPC runs at the hardware level, and does the job properly.

  • Powerful recovery options
    Yor PC can be configured to recover automatically at every boot - returning system data (operating system, applications and settings) to your desired state. Great for Internet Cafes, education establishments and coporations who desire a tamper-proof desktop standard. If anything goes wrong, simply reboot and recover automatically. Make Windows completely unbreakable. Other recovery options include manual recovery for on-demand fixes, and time-limit recovery, allowing you to set a time limit for automatic recoveries up to (n) days.

  • Password security
    Stop unauthorized access to RecoverPC functionality or configuration options. Maintain absolute control over your PC system hard drive content.

  • Fastest-ever problem resolution
    Since recovery does not require any file or data restore, recovery is instantaneous - Windows boots normally and the problem has vanished.

  • Powerful Control Interface
    Windows monitor and configuration utility allows easy control of RecoverPC's powerful features. Even if Windows itself will not boot, you can still perform an instant recovery, set security options or configure RecoverPC settings.

  • Runs at the hardware level
    Unlike normal backup/restore, system image backups, registry fixers and optimizers, RecoverPC runs independently of windows as an advanced Extended BIOS subsystem to provide bullet-proof stability and complete protection.

  • NEW! Serial ATA Compatible
    Now supports Serial ATA drives and motherboards for increased performance as well as maintaining full compatibility with existing ATA 100/133 systems.

  • NEW! Robust heatshield
    For added protection, the hardware components are encased in a thermal and impact resistant heatshield bringing unparalleled stability to your PC system over a wider range of temperature conditions.

    Who Needs RecoverPC?
  • Home user
    Put an end to computing hassle. Fix software issues yourself - in an instant.

  • Business
    Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for corporate systems. Maintain absolute control of desktop hard drive content. Significantly reduce time-to-resolution for support issues.

  • Internet Cafe
    Protect hard disk content from any unauthorized changes. Recover any PC to your exact specifications with a simple reboot - automatically, if you wish.

  • Education
    Students can freely learn through experimentation. Let them change system configuration throughout the duration of a course - systems can then be returned to their original state instantly.

  • Government/Healthcare
    Eliminate almost all PC problems at the source. Maximize your IT budget in one simple step.

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