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Affiliate Program
What is it?
Our Affiliate Program gives you chance to earn money back from sales sent from your website or social media. All you have to do is host the banners or links as described in the Affiliate Dashboard and when someone clicks on that link our system tracks the user. We place a cookie on the user's computer which lasts for 30 days, if the user places one (or more!) orders whilst your unique cookie is on their system you gain a commission based on the sale price of the goods.
How can I promote you?
Under the Affiliate program dashboard you get information about how to use your unique Affiliate ID and also some ready to go banners that you can place on your social media, streaming channel or blog. You can use these or post your own links back to us from blogs or social channels including your Affiliate Link. Sales generated from these links earn a commission fee detailed below, and you can then claim fees based on these sales!
What do I earn back?
We provide commission fees based on 2 different types of sales, components/peripherals and computer systems. We add any commission fees to your account 30 days after the order is shipped out to ensure there are no problems with the order such as fraud or returned goods, based on the Net value of the order excluding any shipping costs. Once you have earned over £50 in commissions fees you will be able to claim your commission from the Affiliate Dashboard.

Commission Source Commission
Components & peripherals 1%
Eclipse Computers Systems 3%
How do I join?
Joining our Affiliate program is quick and easy, All you have to do is go to your account section from the link at the top of the page (you must have an Eclipse Computers account to see your account page) and click on the "Affiliate Program" button. From there simply read and agree to the terms of this program to gain access to the Affiliate Dashboard.

From the Affiliate Dashboard you will see information about your commission fees and advert clicks as well as being able to claim your rebate when you have accrued enough. You will also have access to our readymade banners that you can use on your social media, website or YouTube/streaming profiles.

Once you have put on your banners and links we recommend you check they are working by clicking through a few times and checking the dashboard, after that all you have to do is sit back and earn fees from sales!
Full terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program can be found here

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