When you place an order you will be asked to register if you have not already done so. You can also register without actually ordering by selecting Account - Register on the top menu bar and completing the registration form.
Comparing Products
You can select any number of products to compare back to back. This feature  is especially usefull when you want to know the difference between products or you need help to decide between products

When a product is displayed with a "Add to Compare List" link it shows that the product can be compared with other products in the same class. By clicking the "Add to Compare List" link the product will be added to your compare list.

Your compare list in visible on the right hand side of your screen when you have added at least one item. By clicking on the title "Compare List" on your compare list or by selecting Your order - Compare list on the top menu you will be taken to the compare list main menu.

The Compare list menu shows a list of compare catergories with the number of items you selected for each category. By clicking on compare categories on either the compare menu screen or your compare list (on the right had side of your screen), you will be able to view the compare items within that category.

When you are comparing products you will be able to view 4 products at a time, you can go to the next or previous page of products by clicking on the Next or Previous Buttons.

You can remove any single item from the compare list by clicking on the remove button or clear all the items within that compare category by pressing the Remove All button

If you want to buy any item in your compare list then just press the buy button. If you want to view the full details of a particular product in your compare list just click on the product picture or description.

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