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Extreme Gaming Systems... Your Way...

Take gaming to the next level with our Extreme gaming systems, using the latest technology and premium components, these systems deliver incredible performance that lets you play the very latest games with the details turned up.

Don't be let down by hardware, decimate the competition with the incredible performance all carefully combined and configured by our expert system builders to deliver the best gaming performance for you.

SuperNova - Ryzen

The AMD version of our award winning SuperNova series systems – now based on the latest generation AMD Ryzen processors, these systems deliver breakthrough performance in the latest games at an affordable price.

Crossfire Extreme - Ryzen

Use the power of 2. Built with 2 AMD Radeon graphics cards and utilising the power of AMD’s Ryzen series processors, our Crossfire Extreme series systems will provide incredible gaming power in the latest games for an incredible gaming experience.

Sli Extreme - Ryzen

With a latest generation AMD Ryzen processor at its heart and 2 NVIDIA GTX series graphics cards delivering incredible graphical processing power our Sli Extreme series systems give you super smooth gaming power even in the latest games.

SuperNova - LGA1151

Based on our award winning SuperNova series systems, updated to the very latest Intel KabyLake processors and AMD or NVIDIA graphics, these powerful systems provide incredible gaming power at an affordable price.

Black Hole - LGA1151

Housed in the mammoth Thermaltake X5 case, the Eclipse Black Hole combines the Intel Z270 chipset with the latest 7th generation processors to provide incredible gaming power and huge room for future upgrades and complex water cooling loops without worrying about space.

Tektite - LGA1151

Our Eclipse Tektite series systems utilize Intel’s latest generation motherboards and processors to provide next generation gaming performance and advanced functionality housed in the stylish and feature rich Thermaltake X31 case.

Event Horizon - LGA1151

The light side of the our Dark Matter systems, the Event Horizon series combines the latest gaming technology with the latest RGB technology to give you versatile lighting and lighting fast gaming performance all in incredible style with Thermaltake’s P3 series cases.

Nebula OC - LGA1151

Simply, built for extreme gaming! Our Nebula OC series systems combine the very latest and most powerful components, tuned up and overclocked, to give you the very best gaming performance with all the details turned up.

Dark Matter - LGA2011-3

Utilizing the unparalleled power of Intel’s X99 platform and Core i7 processors, combined with the latest generation NVIDIA GTX graphics in SLI, these systems deliver the ultimate in gaming performance and style.

3 Year Warranty

We provide a 3 Year RTB (Return To Base) Warranty for any computers we Manufacture. This covers parts & labour for 1 year and then labour only for the remaining two years. In addition to that we offer a lifetime technical support warranty. Also included is a 30 day Collect and Repair service from the date of delivery. This can be upgraded for £9.95 to a 1 Year Collect and Repair warranty, which we highly recommend when ordering your system.
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