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Configure the perfect system for your business with our range of systems specifically designed to take care of every day office tasks quickly, easily and securely.

Powered by the latest generation AMD and Intel processors, and fully configurable to suit your needs, these systems give you and your workforce reliable computing power to get the job done. These machines are specifically configured to provide affordable performance for office based tasks.

Eco Office - AM1

Built with the Latest Generation AMD AM1 APUs (Kabini Series) processors. Get the best of both worlds with a Dual or Quad core processors and AMD Radeon Graphics Engine on a single power-efficient chip to enable great performance and low power consumption.

Max Office - FM2+

Get the best of both worlds with a powerful processors and AMD Radeon R7 graphics engine on a single power-efficient chip to enable great performance and low power consumption.

Lux Office - AM3+

If you need a bit more power in the office for manipulating artwork or video editing and want a smooth computing experience, our AMD FX processor based Lux Office systems are the perfect choice.

Eco Office - LGA1151

Powered by Intel’s Celeron series processors, our Eco Office series systems deliver the performance you need at an affordable price point.

Max Office - LGA1151

Providing excellent processing performance, along with advanced 6th generation Intel Core technology, our Max Office series systems provide breakthrough performance where you need it.

Lux Office - LGA1151

With a powerful Intel Core i5 processor under the hood, our Lux Office systems provide incredible processing and graphical performance for demanding office tasks.

Xeon V5 Micro

Built on the latest generation Intel Xeon V5 processors with their refreshed Skylake architecture, our Xeon V5 Micro series systems provide incredible processing power for desktop workstations or servers in a compact Micro ATX form.

Xeon V5 Power

Designed with the refreshed Intel Xeon V5 series processors, our Xeon V5 Power series systems utilise the incredible power of the Skylake Xeon V5 processors and AMD Radeon graphics along with optional Crossfire for supercharged graphical performance.

Xeon V5 Crossfire

Delivering the power of intel’s Skylake architecture combined with the pure number crunching power of Intel’s Xeon server grade processors and the latest AMD graphics in Crossfire, our Xeon V5 Crossfire systems deliver next generation workstation or server grade performance.

3 Year Warranty

We provide a 3 Year RTB (Return To Base) Warranty for any computers we Manufacture. This covers parts & labour for 1 year and then labour only for the remaining two years. In addition to that we offer a lifetime technical support warranty. Also included is a 30 day Collect and Repair service from the date of delivery. This can be upgraded for £9.95 to a 1 Year Collect and Repair warranty, which we highly recommend when ordering your system.
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