Compact Systems - Vortex Pro Compact iTX
Ideal for home or office use where space is at a premium, these systems use the latest generation integrated motherboard processor configurations for super low power, compact computing.
  • Integrated Intel Celeron Processor
  • Intel SoC CPU Onboard Chipset
  • Cougar QBX Pro Black Mini iTX Gamer Case
  • Asus AMD Radeon RX 560 Graphics
  • 120Gb Kingston V300 Solid State Drive
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ADATA XPG EMIX H30 Gaming Headset with SOLOX F30 Amp

Head into action with game-augmenting audio thanks to the power of the SOLOX F30 amp and comfortable fidelity of EMIX H30 headphones. Enjoy virtual 7.1 surround for spatial, multi-directional audio. Switch between four preset sound modes depending on type of game or media being enjoyed. Feel the comfort of EMIX H30 headphones with breathable ear cushions, sturdy aluminum build, and optimized clamping force. And of course be heard and communicate better through the premium detachable mic, with gold plated connectors on everything.

Hear far and wide with virtual 7.1 surround
The SOLOX F30 amp connects to your PC via USB to create powerful audio enhancement and spatially-accurate virtual 7.1 channel surround sound. Better audio means increased in-game awareness, so opponents can't surprise you so easily and your odd of gaining the upper hand take a boost. Audio is one of the deciding factors in pro gaming - make sure your equipment is up to the task.

Immersive, situationally-optimized audio modes
With SOLOX F30, audio processing power can be routed and adjusted based on what you're enjoying at any given time. Gaming, music, movies, and voice chat modes provide the punch, depth, and clarity you demand, modifying the sound stage to best suit each application.

Speaker or headphone output - your choice
Thanks to multiple audio outs, SOLOX F30 can output to headphones and speakers - either separately or simultaneously. So if you have good speakers you enjoy, no need to let them idle. And when you want to avoid disturbing others, simply switch to headphones. Like all XPG hardware, SOLOX F30 is about flexibility and choice.

Big 53mm drivers pump out powerful audio - and comfort
EMIX H30 headphones start with a cool design built on a tough aluminum base that's accented by a red-tinged mesh. They have oversized ear cushions within which sit powerful 53mm drivers. These deliver deep bass and wide sonic range, unlike the flat and tinny audio you get with many 40mm driver headphones.

Universal compatibility: PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Switch, and mobile
The days of 3.5mm connectors having multiple conflicting standards are gone. Both EMIX H30 and SOLOX F30 work in plug n play with all of your beloved gaming platforms. From PC to consoles and mobile devices, connect and game. No setup needed and no need to get several headphones.

Auto-adjust band and breathable cushions banish head fatigue
XPG audio engineers and designers tested numerous headphone builds to find optimal comfort through ideal clamping force and an adjustable headband. Regardless of head size or shape, gamers get true comfort and none of that pressure that lesser headphones apply during long sessions. Similarly, the big and plush ear cushions use breathable materials and memory foam to prevent sweat build up, clammy discomfort, and crushed ear syndrome.

Detachable noise canceling mic and gold-plated connectors
XPG wants you to have a premium, long-lasting audio experience. So cables are tough and braided to protect wiring, connectors are all genuinely gold-plated to ensure sound fidelity, and we used a high precision, noise canceling mic. It's also detachable, making EMIX H30 more convenient and mobile as desired. When not in use, you can remove the mic to give you more movement freedom - gamers have to drink and eat, after all!

Xear software creates a lifelike soundscape
Proprietary XPG Xear software incorporates audio improvement algorithms and technologies that go beyond a simple equalizer. Once installed on your PC or Mac, delve into Xear and make adjustments to presets and other audio elements to fine tune sound as you wish. It's a powerful tool that makes already great audio even better.


• Type: Over-ear
• Connector: 3.5mm Jack
• Cable: 2.4 Metres
• Wireless: No
• Driver: 53mm
• Sensitivity: 106 +/- 3dB
• Frequency Response: "20Hz-20,000Hz"
• Impedance: 32Ohms (+15%)
• Microphone: Yes
• Microphone Type: Detachable Unidirectional and noise-canceling mic
• Additional Features: See Overview
• Package Weight: 0.7480 kg
• Package Type: Retail
• Warranty: 2 Years
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We only supply cartridges that are guaranteed to work straight out of the box with your printer that are made by a 3rd party and not your printers manufacturer providing you with the same quality of prints but with huge savings against original cartridges.
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Epson Premium Photo Paper Roll (100mm x 8m )

High quality resin coated 255g/m² paper roll with the weight & texture of true silver halide media. 100mm wide for edge to edge continuous printing on the appropriate Stylus Photo printers, this media offers increased lightfastness with these printers.
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